This exciting space at 61 Carnarvon St,  Gisborne, New Zealand,

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is dedicated to an Arts & Crafts Renaissance, embracing enthusiastically all levels and aspects of a balanced, sustainable, noble Good Life, from the garden to the home to our local area, country and precious world.  Peter, the founding grandfather, came to Gisborne in 2015 with wife Raewyn Harris  to be near their two grandsons Bruno and Eddie and daughter Anna and her partner Marco, who are GPs in Gisborne. Raewyn is a care worker and rehabilitation coach. (Peter is a jack of all trades and Master of Arts in philosophy.)

What is an Arts & Crafts Renaissance? A movement away from plasticy, quick convenience at the expense of beauty and caring, and towards having in our houses only ‘things we believe to be beautiful and know to be useful’ – wherever possible, both at once. The original English movement, started by William Morris, is one inspiration; the Lord of the Rings and Middle Earth another. Like Tolkien and Morris, Peter written a fantasy epic and is always thinking about what makes a civilization great and noble, and how to manifest the highest ideals of such an imagined ‘Eutopia’ in a philosophy, an art, a life and a society.

As at 06-06-16, the planned actual activities include:

  • Building of ‘hobbit havens’ – cabins/’tiny homes’ for people who care about beauty and cosyness and want a sleepout, an ‘air bnb’ rental cabin for their lifestyle block or back yard, a studio, a meditation place.. www.hobbithaven.nz
  • making of wooden and wrought iron fittings and furniture to go in said hobbit havens
  • carving, sculpture, jewellery, stained glass, bookbinding, etching and painting by Peter Harris
  • arts and crafts by other creatives who love the vision and need a space to display and/or work in.
  • book design, printing and binding of limited edition books, posters and postcards.
  • Tutoring workshops for teaching any or all of the above skills.
  • Meetings to discuss art, philosophy, the Possible Human etc.

A bit more about the founder:

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Erstwhile inventor and builder of cafe Eutopia, Kaiwaka, a ‘temple to Love, Beauty, Truth and Freedom’. (Now sold and the building work goes on under new management). Our old website for it: www.eutopia.co.nz

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See www.altarsofart.com for Peter Harris’s own art mission and projects; www.wizardofeutopia.com for his general blog;; www.4phase.org for his process philosophy applied to meetings and co-creation. For his fantasy work see www.applesofaeden.wordpress.com