First bookbinding and embossing workshop at dreamspace

Gisborne Herald did this article:

And five keen people came and did various embossed designs -some went for embossed copper or aluminium inserts in the covers which is a new thing… We all learned and had a busy fun day of it. Thanks ladies! You all did great.

More workshops on divers topics to come I think. It broke the ice for me – no more hiding away! Oh yes I should have asked to take closeups of their books…here’s a few I did before the workshop. A new technique using etching ink on the surface and the embossed lines show in the original card colour. Then gold or bronze acrylic wiped over (or not).

Also, coming soon: the Visions of Gisborne exhibition. Bring in any artwork that portrays some vision of some aspect of Gisborne as it is or was or may be… or email me pictures of your work. Children’s art too! Contact me… 022 3326568 Follow this blog to get notifications of further events… sorry this first workshop was put on through the arts society and I was slack about notifying here… Next time!