‘Dreamhaven’ Cabins

Peter is making a range of fantasy-but-practical ferrocement wood-lined cabins – Dreamhavens is our new name for them (formerly ‘hobbithavens’). They will be a great drawcard for a lifestyleer who wants to off AirBNB or bookabach accommodation – or for a cosy sleepout for the back garden.

The styles are broadly ‘Hobbit’ Havens, ‘Elf’ havens, and ‘Aeden’ havens (to be developed, based on his fantasy epic Apples of Aeden). Here’s an early painting of one in the Hobbit style. Interested? Go to our website www.dreamhaven.nz for more…

hobbithaven header from card 23 4 15 copyhobbitmodel end view wider copy