Workshops and coachings

Latest – 28th March 2019: well there’s philosophy and then there’s everything else – why philosophy???… But I had to offer this:Metaphysics/philosophy discussion group starting Thursday  around 7pm at Dreamspace 61 Carnarvon St Gisborne. All welcome at least once! For free! I’ll introduce our Round Table in the Dreamspace Library for creative discussion of ANY topic, and then share my journey through Western philosophy (I’ve been ‘certified’! – MA in philosophy Auckland 1995) – and a bit of Eastern. Then I hope we can explore and have real ‘adventures of ideas’ together.

21/2/2019  Latest is Wizard Workshops, which will include ‘Apprentishops’ – lower cost extended trainings in the different fields, with grades up to Master – informal but real. Like a play/amateur apprenticeship. Watch this space for upcoming! The first ever short workshop/talk is on this Saturday 23rd Feb 2019 at 7 pm – ‘On Coming Out as a Creator and even making money in the coming Arts & Crafts Renaissance…’

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9/4/18: ‘Lifegym’ (see the page LIFEGYM in this website) is a real possibility now – this would include all these workshops and more in a single membership which would get you discounted or even free access to them, as well as access to our facilities just as in a physical fitness gym.

As at 6/4/2018 ..Dates will be announced in the blog posts and also here. Follow this blog to be sure to get notifications! Email me to ask for particular workshops, whether listed below or not.

Bookbinding: Day course. Create several Blank Books with embossed covers

The 4phase process philosophy – creating and managing anything with the phasetimer clock. (see

Metaphysics – Introduction to the philosophies of ‘Life, the Universe, and Everything’ What can we know just by thinking and observing life, without accepting anything on authority? (Actually quite a lot of wonderful stuff, I think!)

Art – what is it, and how to ‘just do it’… and overcome the obstacles inner and outer… Some practice in painting and sculpting etc

Fantastic Ferrocement  (see my sculpture – a hands-on course making your own 3d object in durable, strong, ‘fantastic ferrocement’ whether a pot, a bust, a pond, a dome…

Printmaking – embossed etching and woodcuts

Mouldmaking and casting – in plaster and cement.

More to follow…