A 2020 vision for Dreamspace – Buy the building, start a school and ‘Renaissance workshops’

In Lifegym.nz, I posted how we need to buy the property to secure it for the future…

Well… what a long gestation! We must be giving birth to an elephant here at Dreamspace…

While I have been feeling my way into the Dreamspace and its establishment in seemingly chaotic fits and starts, I have been blessed with a few good friends, all of them informal, some casual, some giving a lot of things to the workshop – lathes, tools, timber, bits and pieces, food, beer, and friendship.

But late last year a developer came looking for the owner (not me, alas!). This shook me up – I realized how much setup we’ve done in three years and how much it would cost to do it all over again, even if I had the heart to try!

So now we are on a mission to buy the building, to make it secure for all, including the participants in a planned School and folk factory I’m calling Renaissance Workshops.

So I have started asking all friends and relatives of this dream to consider signing up to rent a space under the Lifegym plan. A desk/workbench plus shelves is going for $25 a week – this includes all the shared facilities and tools and equipment in the whole of Dreamspace as well; and $50-75 a week for a lockable room, or some other arrangement to be negotiated. Rental contracts we will be able to get a mortgage to own the property and save it from developers who would demolish our beautiful old lady and (no doubt) put up soulless units in her place! And the Dream would be scattered.

So… do you want to be part of the Dreamspace experience and help save it for posterity? I am now 65 and must think about the future when I can’t be here….

As at today, 29-1-20, we have three good people who have agreed to sign up – we need at least three more. Space is of course limited, so if you have an idea of what you could do at Dreamspace, message or ring me now. It could be for arts, crafts, woodwork, metalwork, concrete, bookbinding, etching, or whatever hobby or small business you are passionate about and need space, tools, inspiration and synergy to take to the next level…’

So… email me at wizardofeutopia@gmail.com or text/phone 0223326568

Great things are afoot! Elephants? 🙂

A bubble of creation


I hope these photos say more than the many words I don’t have the time to say right now about the wonders, the synchronicities of new friends, wizards, Gods in hiding etc… Come and see if you are in Gisborne. 61 Carnarvon st. ..or follow this blog! And join Lifegym our ‘dojo for creative misfits’…  http://www.lifegym.nz  It’s transformational stuff! And even …dare I say it… fun…

The Hedonomatrix and the Dreamspace

hedonomatrix copy

We may be disappearing into a culture-wide ‘Matrix’ and our prime reality, life on this fragile planet, in this vast universe, may be receding into the fog of illusion…. We are dreaming a new technodream which could doom our planet to go to hell in a handbasket. I posted this thought recently on my personal blog, here: https://wizardofeutopia.com/2018/04/27/the-hedonomatrix/

We need to dream new possibilities for living on THIS planet, THIS embodied reality. I hope I can shake myself awake enough to keep Dreamspace vision alive long enough to inspire others to join me here, to generate new good things, ways of being in the world, being our possible creator selves in harmony with the higher wisdom… we, the 21st century sleepwalkers…  I hope you will consider joining Lifegym here as we explore the possible human in many modalities. See the page on this blog about lifegym. I started a website: www.lifegym.nz

Take the RED pill… See you on the other side! Prime reality, where we can face down our demons, then dream and create a better world together. ‘Remain true to the Earth, my brothers!’ – Zarathustra

‘It’s Life, Jim, but not as we know it.’ Feedback invited on ‘LIFEGYM’ idea

LIFEGYM with yellow door copy

Well, the only constant is change, whether Evolution devolution or destruction… Hopefully this new thing which knocked on my doors of conception in the wee small hours the other day is an Evolution for Dreamspace and friends….?

The thing is, I’m an artist but I don’t want to just fill Dreamspace with Things I Created – I want there to be a Life here for more than just me. I want to Share Dreamspace and its ‘havenly’ qualities with others – and not just visitors who come, look and go away. Hence, ‘LIFEGYM’ (working title – could also be Artgym or Mindgym or Dreamgym or…)

Let me know if the following trial prospectus interests you. It’s a concept doc only, not set in stone – or woodblock – yet!




At Dreamspace Gallery and Workshops, 61 Carnarvon St, Gisborne

A safe haven for artists, spiritual and mental seekers A workout space for the mind and spirit…

-a supportive place to learn and create art and crafts, read, meditate, practice Yoga, Chi Gong, Positive Psychology and other life-enhancing techniques

– a venue for workshops on a rainbow of fascinating, life-enhancing topics

– meet and synergise with others of like mind and heart.

Membership of [ballpark] $17 a week gets you into your own Dreamscape, a kaleidoscope of life-enhancing experiences:

  • Use (scheduled) of the various workrooms and their equipment –
  • Painting studio
  • Picture framing, glasscutting, stained glass area
  • Blue Room for meditation etc
  • Library and fibre broadband
  • Bookbinding, embossing and printmaking room
  • Woodworking, metalwork and carving area
  • Stone/shell/bone carving and lapidary room
  • Routing and shaping room
  • Mouldmaking and casting area
  • The Ferrocement yard for sculpture of anything from garden pots to ponds to statues to ‘hobbit cabins’
  • The large gallery room for meetings, talks, dancing, yoga etc, also exhibitions and other events.
  • The ‘upper room’ to eat, drink and lounge…


  • Individual and group life/art/writing coaching from Peter Harris (MA in philosophy) based on his 4phase creative process philosophy – see 4phase.org – and metaphysics, a mix of Plato, Pirsig (Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance), Nietzsche, and others of the ‘Perennial Philosophy’ of the Western tradition (and some wisdom from the East, naturally! – mainly Taoism, Tantrism and Zen).

Our goal is to create in ourselves a dynamic, ultra-creative ‘Great Health’ as Nietzsche called it, honouring the Balance of masculine-feminine, left brain-right brain, rational and intuitive, dynamic progress and stable prosperity.

As in Star Trek, ‘It’s LIFE, Jim, but not as we know it.’ It’s LIFEGYM.

Come to Dreamspace and have a look and a chat with me now! (At present open Monday to Friday 10 AM to at least 4PM but I’m normally no more than 5 minutes away –  this is Gisborne!)


Follow us on the website www.dreamspace.nz   and get email notifications of new posts. Phone Peter Harris 022 3326568