The new face of Dreamspace – Wizard Workshops

This is the business card, fun to design a new one, building on old ones like my ‘Wizard of Eutopia’ card. So, the main thing we do here now is make things in the Arts & Crafts Renaissance spirit, and hold workshops, or ‘apprentishops’, for others to learn how to make them, and become (some of them) Masters in one or more of the multiple skills fostered here…

Wizard Workshops business card AA 21 02 19

 And the First workshop is as described below in the flyer:

Wizard Workshops First FREE workshop/talk/korero  At the new Round Table, Dreamspace, 61 Carnarvon St, Saturday 23rd February 7PM  :

On Coming Out as a Creator and even making money in the coming Arts & Crafts Renaissance.

Led by Peter Harris of Dreamspace Gallery, builder of Cafe Eutopia in Northland, who has been coming out, or trying to, as an artist, craftsman, visionary and writer for the last 20 years, with many learnings, fears, failures, and scattered triumphs along the way.

Before that he started, ran into the ground, resurrected and finally sold a frame manufacturing and wholesaling business and got an MA in philosophy.

He now wants to share the agony and ecstasy of the art-business-life balancing act, and a new way forward with kindred spirits here in Gisborne as he offers a workshop space for dreaming, discussing, creating and making, at the ‘everything workshop’ of Dreamspace, 61 Carnarvon St.

At Dreamspace there is a Round Table in a round Library room for the discussion and brainstorming workshops, and many ‘playstations’ for renaissance-level creations, including: printmaking, bookbinding, blacksmithing, coin striking, painting, casting cement and plaster, mouldmaking, jewellery making in pewter, stone carving, woodcarving, woodturning, joinery, ferrocement building and sculpting, glass work, stained glass, framing and board mounting of artworks, writing, meditating, recording, conferencing and brainstorming.Phone/text Peter 022 332 6568 email