Gallery looking more like one…

Gradual progress this week, but great to have the unexpected loan (thaks Marco and Aidrian!) of a wonderful old floor sander – after lots of scraping of thick deposits of ?tar and fibreglass in places, and punching hundreds of nails, and vacuuming dust and old nails and staples etc from the cracks, the actual sanding has been a breeze, with the old machine working effortlessly and also sucking up nearly all dust into its sack-sized dust bag. Up to medium and fine sanding now, then Tung oiling… (this magnificent oil from the Chinese Tung tree sounded like the  best natural finish – maybe with beeswaxing and buffing over it). The floor is wonderful heart rimu throughout. A joy!

I brought our ‘Live Hand in Hand’ round coffee table in today, and put up the Kaiwaka dreaming painting to test some cheap spotlighting…. Exciting how a space like this invites creativity. Been resting a bit today being Sunday, reading ‘The Geography of Genius’ in which the charming author goes to famous former and present hotbeds of creativity and delves into the reasons for the rise, and decline, of the constellations of brilliance. Athens, Edinburgh, Florence, Calcutta… some real surprises and insights. Thinking, can this dreamspace be a catalyst for a mini-flowering here in Gisborne??



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