A Floor Plan of the Dreamspace

All going well, we should have the KEY tomorrow and begin! I measured it all up and here is the Map of the Dreamspace with some of the ideas for the layout. I’ll make a Page and put the floorplans there as I do them.

It is exciting and scary to soon be responsible for such an area – and the rent thereof! Hitting the ground running I trust. The energy for it is there like a spirit springing within; I hope the body is up to it too! Mind over matter I trust…

Dreamspace Gallery ground and total floor plan copy



4 thoughts on “A Floor Plan of the Dreamspace

    1. Barbara, you’re a living gem! You help by saying, ‘How can I help?’ !! But also, advice on gallery layout, good books to read on that, the business of it, etc. And spreading the word. And? coming to live in Gis 🙂 I am so excited by this project now I can hardly be scared if I try! And shyness melts away with passion. The educational side of it has great potenetial too – as a teacher you may have advice here? I just got a lovely email from two outside-the-box educators here in Gisborne: see http://www.createandeducate.org.nz/ Looking forward to meeting them! (ps. sorry about all the exclamation marks!)


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